About Us

Mark & Rose Woodstock have been in the Stud Cattle Industry for almost 40 years, Preparing & Presenting Cattle at Shows & Sales, we also cover all aspects of Artificial Breeding, Beef Production, Dairy Production and Cattle Management. Now that Rose has retired from outside employment, she has now taken on the role of Office Administration.

In 1987 we branched out on our own as Woodstock Preparation Centre. In 2002 we registered as Topwatch Pty Ltd, and finally registered as Topwatch Cattle Services Pty Ltd in 2015.

Mark is well known at Melbourne Show and has represented our clients at Interstate Royal Shows.

Mark has prepared cattle for Victorian and Interstate Expos.  Mark is active in helping Stud Breeders prepare for Beef Week and Stud Sales.

In later years services including Artificial Insemination, Pregnancy Testing, Freeze Branding, Debudding, Tattooing and Castrating etc, have become a major part of what we offer.

We cater for large and small numbers of cattle.

Mark offers an advisory service on all aspects of Cattle Management.

In 2013 Bronwyn Ward came on board as a sub contractor and is a competent member of the team. 

We have been able to offer students a school based apprenticeship, with secondary students learning skills for further employment.

Topwatch has become involved in the cattle program at Rutherglen High School. The students have enjoyed increased success at Royal Melbourne and Local Shows.

We operate a high standard of service at reasonable rates.