Artificial Insemination involves detecting when an animal is in season or cycling and having someone insert the semen into the uterus. Some forward planning needs to precede the Insemination like

·      Organising someone to do the insemination, if you can’t do it.
·      Organising the semen required prior to the A.I.
·      Organising some method of detecting the animal’s heat. E.g.: Heatmount detectors.
·      Organise a quote for the insemination from a qualified person.
·      For multiple A.I.’s, work out whether to do insemination on natural heats or do some sort of synchronised program
       to have more animals cycling at one time.

Artificial Insemination can be a very cost effective way to improve the Genetics in any herd. This gives access to the best Genetics available from around the world rather than what is available locally. This strategy reduces the number of bulls needed to join the herd. Another strategy is to buy a higher priced Bull, collect semen from him and then spread his genetics further through the herd via an artificial Insemination program.

The basic Cdir programs is as follows  -
Day 1   -  Insert Cdirs
Day 8   -  Remove Cdirs + Inject 2 ml P.G. & a Heatmount
Day 10 -  A.I. any animals showing signs of having a heat/cycle
Day 11 -  A.I. any remaining Animals.

There are a range of programs that slightly differ from the basic program. For more information contact Mark, Topwatch Cattle Services P/L  on 0407351157

 There are 2 basic Prostaglandin ( P.G. )programs available.

Program 1

·      Day 1         Inject 2 ml P.G. & a heatmount detector on their back.
·      Day 2 - 5    Inseminate all animals on heat detection/ cycles.
·      Day 10       Inject 2 ml P.G. & heatmount any animal not cycled.
·      Day 11-16  Inseminate animals on detected heat/cycle.

Program 2

·      Day 1 - 2     ml P.G.
·      Day 10 - 12  2ml P.G.  & heatmount detector on
·      Day 13 - 17  Inseminate animals on detected heat/cycle.

No but we can do all the preparation for the embryo programs including the A.I.’s, Follicle Stimulation Injections and setting up recipients to receive the embryos. We work closely with various Embryo Specialists who flush the Embryos out of the Donor Cows and then transfer them into the recipients or freeze them.

No but we work with Semen Collection Specialists who do the collecting and freezing of the semen. We have the facilities to store the semen for future use.

Calf debudding is a procedure used on calves between 1 to 6 weeks of age to cauterise the horn buds with a hot iron. This stops any future horn growth and leaves the calves looking poled.

Yes we can. This involves the use of a local Anaesthetic and various methods of removing the horn growth.

Yes we do but only the odd animal or two. For larger numbers of cattle we recommend the people who do it professionally do the job.

We offer a service where we cover all the aspects of assessing Bulls prior to purchase. This often extends to the purchase of breeding females as well.